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0x.eRin..`_♥'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

INFO, bitches;;; Erin. 16. 5' 2". Moving on up in life! I think I have brown hair, not too sure anymore. Green Eyes. Westford Academy. I'm pretty much a champ. Cheerleader. Love.
LOVES;;; Flava Flav. Friends. Boys. Chipped Nailpolish. Scars. New York. Dragons. Running. Smell of Gasoline. Thunderstorms. Golfing. Music. Shopping. Beaches. Snow. Sun. Zombies. Abercrombie. Bikinis. Man thongs. Scary Movies. Instant Messenger. Sneezing. Meeting new people. Skipping class. Smiling. Laughing.
HATES;;; People. Sweating. Being Stood Up. Fast Food. Liars. Narcissm. Rushing. Sore Throats. Sleeping. Headaches. Heartaches. Hangnails. Splinters. Getting yelled at. Basketball. Coughing. Being Embarrassed. Sport Video Games. Missing Curfew. Changing Diapers. Broken Cell Phones. Roaming. Projects. Homework. School. Wind.
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May 20th, 2004]
&CMNT (55!)

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